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Embodiment & The Art of Being Present

Open Floor Dance

People who dance regularly are healthier, have keener minds and a calmer presence. Self-expression, community, creativity and fun – this is why we dance.

Movement Coaching

Developmental movement is the abc of movement bringing self awareness, clarity, and purpose to life.

Developmental Movement 
Helps You Regaining Your Natural Expression

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU 

'When there is freedom there is energy. When there is energy nothing can go wrong' Krisnamurti


Finding sensate connection with an internal place of rest and balance. Brings fluidity and stability



The elements  of OF practice offer a dynamic, creative toolkit.  An endless variety of dance floor experiences are invited, ranging from quiet whispers to the wild and uncontained, as we follow natural cycles of movement.


    Develop emotional intelligence. Honor what’s really important to you. Discover the ways you are totally unique. 


    Create genuine relationships. Be welcomed and find your place

    What Is Open Floor?

    Open Floor is an embodied movement practice bringing self awareness, mindfulness, and purpose to life. 

    “With no dance steps to learn, we will follow instincts and simple invitations to spark curiosity. Dancing to a varied musical soundscape, we’ll move to find presence…to question…to feel and allow possibilities to emerge in the moment.”  Ann Shuptrine


    Open Floor Resources

    Ground | Release| Spatial Awareness | Center | Dissolve | Activate & settle | Pause | Vector


    Developmental Movement Patterns

    According to Bonny Bainbridge (BMC), all mind patternings are expressed in movement, through the body. And all physically moving patterns have a mind. That’s what I work with.

    Move and Include

    As we practice, we learn to move along these Continuums:

    • Fixed and Fluid
    • Habit and Choice
    • Move and Include
    Class Structure
    • Open Attention
    • Enter
    • Explore
    • Settle


    About Me

    I believe that the world needs embodied, empathic, creative and authentic people. I strongly believe in linking instead of ranking, in collaboration instead of competition. In equality against hierarchy. Embodiment is key and basic in life because we perceive all of life through the body and our physical, emotional and social inherited patterns. Instant knowing and decision making seem to be more and more important in a fast running digital world. When we can reach that creative moment of being present in the here and now with whatever is there, everything changes!


    All that she has learned, all of her life up till now, has all been about freedom.” Heidi Sawyer

    She brings adequate class instructions following the groups flow, as well as clear instructions individually. She motivated many woman to reach their goals in a short period of time. ” Frieda Wawer

    Zij weet met haar intelligente creativiteit je diep in je ervaring te brengen. Kom proeven, kom dansen, kom ervaren!” Monika 

    Calendar online

    Open Floor Movement Practice

    Coronaproof dansen

    Online en Offline dansen met mixen en tutorials

    Voor info: 0639420634 of mail ons via het contactformulier.


    Open Floor & More Classes indoor

    Wegens de Coronamaatregelen  zijn de lessen 2021 uitgesteld

    Tijd: Donderdag 9.15 -10.30

    Locatie: Dansstudio,

    Vredenburgh Studio’s

    Vredenburghersteeg 33- 37 Amsterdam



    Open Floor out door pop-up danssessies 

    in en om Amsterdam

    Vanaf april 2021 starten we weer!

    locatie Amstelpark, Museumplein en Amsterdamse parken.

    Tijd:: Popup sessies  

    Voor aanmelding informatie en deelname  app 0639420634, of via email: fregeres@gmail.com

    of mail ons via het contact formulier


    International Ladies in Action

    Yoga, Movement , Open Floor & More

    Vanaf 3-2-2021 starten we weer! 

    Tijd Elke woensdag 10.00-11.15

    Bij meerdere aanmeldingen start ik een tweede les.

    Neem eventueel je eigen matje, laagjes kleding  en een flesje water mee. 

    Locatie: Keizer Karelweg 94B 1185HX Amstelveen

    We worden gesponsord door Amstelveen Sport en Start Solutions


    Online Coaching Resources

    Intuitive Sensitive People

    Life as a sensitive.

    Refuse to Choose

    Get familiar with interdisciplinary thinking and patterns.

    Work & Play 2 day Workshop

    Find Your Balance. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

    ‘This body is a rare and precious gift.’ 



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