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Frequently Asked

What happens in an Open Floor class

In our classes and workshops, we can focus on a particular theme or intention, or work with whatever is presenting itself in the moment.

In any 2-hour dance class there will typically be:

  • A period of warmup (guided or unguided) (Open Attention)
  • Brief context-setting (Enter)
  • Guidance for establishing an embodied anchor (Enter)
  • A few guided movement inquiries into the resource or theme for the day (Explore)
  • Free time to explore and integrate the material in your own way (Explore)
  • Settling and Closing (Settle)

As Open Floor teachers, we are passionate about helping our students resource themselves in movement and fully explore the potential of their unique and precious life. We have found that what really inspires us to transform, heal and enjoy the present moment, is to be embodied – to be present in our body – as we walk, talk, dance, connect, explore and pause.

You will be invited to Enter the body through an anchor – a part of your body – which could be your feet, your belly, your back body, or even your eyes.

For that journey, you will be offered one or several movement resources from our curriculum, and supported by a wide range of music to encourage you to explore the material in your own way.

What is embodiment

Embodiment isn’t about sitting in the head and paying attention to the part of you we call the body—it’s about fully inhabiting the intelligence of the body and attuning to the world through it.

For who

On the Open Floor everybody matters. Every BODY, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, size and ability has the right to dance in a welcoming space. 

When we dance, we unite for the common good.

What is an Art in Motion class

Art in Motion (AIM) is an Open Floor special focus program and a collection of workshops and on-going groups that blend our movement resources with writing, theatre, and visual art-making. Sometimes all four disciplines are incorporated to access our creative intelligence and illuminate the artist within.

Whenever we dance, we build the muscles of creative intelligence. Just like emotional intelligence, fostering creativity offers profound skills for navigating our day-to-day relational world. It inevitably leads towards intimacy, raw aliveness, authenticity, vulnerability, presence and sudden attacks of transcendence.

What is Movement Coaching

Movement Coaching  is a body oriented and experiential way of dealing with questions, challenges and/or problems concerning health, wellbeing and effective action. In this approach the physical and psychological aspects are considered to be closely interlinked and inseparable.

Online Coaching Resources

Intuitive Sensitive People

Life as a sensitive

Refuse to choose

Welcome to the world of interdisciplinary thinking and patterns. Enhance your intuition and experience more synchronicity. 

Work & Play Workshop

In 2 separate online classes we explore our subconscious attitudes towards the concepts of ‘work’ and ‘play’. 

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