Creative power flourishes only when I am living in the present

I teach about theatre play and movement.

Imagination and inspiration can change your world .


My short bio

Lina  Fregeres is a theatre director, visual artist and performing artist based in Amsterdam.


Trained in the theory and practice of dance, movement, yoga, theatre and art.

MA, in Theatre Studies, UvA, thesis on Intermedial strategies.

BA, Rietveld Art Academy.

Studied mime and dance at the Amsterdam Art Academy (HKA).

Certified as teacher by the Academy of Physical Education (CALO) and Open Floor International Dance.

MA programmes Psychomotor Therapy and Somatic Movement Coaching.

Award 1e mimografie from the Performing Arts Fund Amsterdam.

Stipendium from The Dutch Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.

Stipendium for the Science & Nonduality Conferences

Award 1e prize from Dream Conference 2011 Dream inspired Artwork, Mixed Media Movement Installation

Residencies at Valukuvakeskus Finland and CLOUD at Danslab. She lectured at the International Theatre  of Amsterdam, Brandstichter (Intermediality, choreography, and the female point of view). 

Besides the creation of her own  projects, she has also worked with different dance and theatre companies

such as Needcompany (BE), Karina Holla, Kas en de Wolf, Nieuw West and RO Theater (NL).


Drama, Coaching & Advice

I worked as a psycho motor therapist at the West Fries gasthuis GGZ department and I coached private clients adults and children.

I taught movement and sport bewegingsonderwijs.

I worked for SEP and the Jeugdtheaterschool TIJ cultuureducatie and performing arts eduction. I worked as a dramateacher at schools f.i. Martinus College.

I coordinated and created projects like a project  in collaboration with community centres Dynamo and Open Joodse Huizen.